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Macking Mini Lookout Complete

Macking Mini Lookout Complete

Sector 9

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Sector 9 Macking Mini Lookout Complete

It’s perfect, onshore conditions, and it’s big, but it’s also small. Confused? It’s the Macking Mini Lookout. Despite being a smaller version of our best selling complete, the Lookout, this board still packs a punch. The shorter overall length and wheelbase make for a lighter board and a tighter turning radius, and therefore a more responsive ride. Couple that with the perfect sunset barrel from artist Nate Reifke and Bamboo & Maple Hybrid construction, and you’ve got shred stick for any occasion.
Length: 37.5”
Width: 9.25”
Wheelbase: 28.0”
Bamboo & Maple Hybrid
Drop Thru
Art by Nate Reifke