Landyachtz Totem Condor Paradise Pintail Carving Longboard Complete
Landyachtz Totem Condor Paradise Longboard Complete Grip Tape Top Deck
Land Yacht Totem Condor Paradise Pintail Longboard Complete Angle Profile
Landyachts Totem Condor Paradise Flipped Over Trucks and Wheels
Side Profile View Landyahctz Totem Condor Paradise Pintail Longboard Complete
Wheel color may vary

Condor Paradise Longboard Complete


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Landyachtz Condor Paradise Pintail Longboard Complete

A classic never goes out of style, this flexy, pintail shape longboard comes in at 41" long by 9.9" wide to give you a large, comfortable platform for cruising around town. Its 7 ply construction gives it enough flex for super playful carving and to soak up any roughness from the pavement. This year the Condor is built complete with 155mm Gen 6 Grizzly trucks for even tighter turning and deeper carves. The completes are finished off with 63mm Fatty Hawgs for ultimate roll speed and grip.

Length: 41" | Width: 9.9" | Wheelbase: 9.9"

  1. Top mounted for surfy ride characteristics
  2. Rocker for increased carve and comfortable riding position
  3. Medium concave locks in your feet.
  4. Perfectly paired components

**Wheel color may vary from photos shown depending on Landyachtz stock availability.**