HydraFusion Insulated Drink Tube

HydraFusion Insulated Drink Tube


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HydraPak HydraFusion Insulated Drink Tube

If you’ve ever had a shot of warm water on a blistering hot day, you know why HydraPak created HydraFusion. Durable and lightweight with built-in foam insulation, this simple, but breakthrough tube helps keep your water cooler in even the hottest temps. The kit includes a 36” TPU tube, Blaster Valve with dust cover, and our Plug-N-Play connector. Refreshing.


  • Length: 914.4 mm / 36 in
  • Diameter: 6 mm / 1/4 in tube; 1 mm / 0.039 in TPU foam insulation
  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane; Silicone; HDPE