Head Flow RX One Black Rear Entry Strap Snowboard Bindings Black Front
Head Flow RX One Black Rear Entry Strap Snowboard Bindings Black Highback

RX One Black Snowboard Bindings


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Head RX One Black Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings

Equipped with a quick entry reclining highback and delivering an easy ride the RX ONE is the perfect binding for beginner to intermediate riders to explore the mountain. Full tool-free adjustment, a lightweight build, plenty of shock absorption, and super comfy yet responsive straps add to this binding's appeal. The progression from linking turns to landing small spins has never been so fun and accessible.

  • Reclining Highback System: Head’s Reclining Highback provides easy entry, a secure, comfortable hold and precision support and power transfer and combines the security of conventional bindings with the simplicity of easy entry for fast open and close action in all conditions
  • Toe & Heel Base Pads: Toe & Heel Basepads are EVA cushions installed to absorb shocks and chatter; they are placed in the toe and heel of the binding to create smoother, shock-free edge riding
  • FT1 Base: The FT1 BASE features a lightweight PA frame construction that delivers maximum power transmission
  • 3D Comfort Strap: The 3D Comfort Strap offers superior riding comfort with a secure confidence building hold; it is made from EVA and perfectly conforms to a rider’s foot
  • 3D Flex Toe Strap: 3D Flex Toe Straps delivers a firm yet comfortable hold; its form conforms snugly around the toe of the boot and gives a positive, progressive ride
  • Flex Index 3 for a forgiving and comfortable ride
Size Chart
  • Small: 22.5-24.5 cm
  • Medium: 25.0-27.5 cm
  • Large: 27.5-29.0 cm
  • X-Large: 29.5-31.5 cm