Mayon Snowboard Bindings
Mayon Snowboard Bindings

Mayon Snowboard Bindings


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Flow Mayon Women's Rear SpeedEntry Snowboard Bindings

Loaded with all the features of the all-new AXIS-Series with a clean, smooth design, the Mayon is built to elevate your riding experience. Explosive energy transfer through the PowerBeams in the baseplate, all the comfort and support you need from the BankBeds and Asym Uniback, and automatic triggering of the Active Strap Technology to make the easy-in easy-out experience as simple as sliding on snow.

Tech details -

  • Baseplates: Axis series
    • The Fuse-series is a glass filled nylon rocketed baseplate, with aluminum-alloy adjustable sidewings. This is a slightly softer baseplate compared to the NX2, but still very fun, direct and responsive, for riders that prefer the feel of a molded baseplate.
  • Hibacks: ASYM Uniback
    • The asymmetrical 1-piece unibacks are lightweight glass filled nylon hibacks. They deliver a balance of support and comfort, and a perfect fit to follow the coot contour and canted riding angles. The all new AXIS series Asym Uniback has a supportive spine with a more forgiving lateral flex, while the fuse series Asym Uniback has a wider range of support for more drive.
  • Powerstrap: Fusion
    • Fusion one piece Powerstraps are 3D shaped for a great fit, and cover a larger area of your foot for more comfort and control.
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