Flow Bindings Fuse Hybrid Two Strap Rear Speed Entry Snowboard Bindings Wood Brown

Fuse Hybrid Strap Snowboard Bindings


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Flow Fuse Hybrid Strap Rear SpeedEntry Snowboard Bindings

A great mix of responsiveness, support and flexibility, the FUSE is also super-lightweight with a glass-filled nylon baseplate and asymmetrical 1-piece UniBack highback, and expanded-EVA 2.5° canted BankBed footbed. Great for riders looking to feel good and have fun on the mountain, it also features our Active Strap Technology for maximum convenience.

Tech Details:

  • Baseplates: Fuse-Series
    • The FUSE-Series is a glass-filled nylon rocketed baseplate, with aluminum-alloy adjustable sidewings. This is a slightly softer baseplate compared to the NX2, but still very fun, direct and responsive, for riders that prefer the feel of a molded baseplate.
  • HiBacks: ASYM Uniback
    • Their asymmetrical 1-piece UniBacks are lightweight glass-filled nylon hibacks. They deliver a balance of support and comfort, and a perfect fit to follow the boot contour and canted riding angles. The all-new AXIS-Series Asym Uniback has a supportive spine with a more forgiving lateral flew, while the Fuse-series Asym Uninack has a wider range of support for more drive.
  • Powerstrap: Hybrid
    • Hybrid Powerstraps connect the ankle-strap to a more conventional toe-cap strap, for the perfect mix of control and flexibility.

Size Chart

M ]5.5 – 8.0[ ]7.0 - 9.5[ ]37.5 – 41.0[ ]4.5 – 7.0[ ]23.5 – 26.0[
L ]8.5 – 10.5[ ]10.0 – 12.0[ ]41.5 – 44.0[ ]7.5 – 9.5[ ]26.5 – 28.5[
XL ]11.0 – 14.0[ - ]44.5 – 48.5[ ]10.0 – 13.0[ ]29.0 – 31.5[