Flow Fenix Fusion Strap speed entry rear entry snowboard bindings side view
Flow Fenix Fusion Strap speed entry rear entry snowboard bindings front angle

Fenix Snowboard Bindings


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Flow Fenix SpeedEntry Snowboard Bindings

Top of the line in the all-new AXIS-Series, the Fenix features an asymmetrical baseplate with PowerBeams to transfer energy directly to the edges of your snowboard, and comfy 2.5º canted EVA-footbeds. The new 1-piece UniBack offer perfect anatomical support for your boots, and automatically triggers the Active Strap Technology. So, getting in and out of these slightly wider bindings is absolutely effortless.


  • Baseplates: Axis-Series
    • The new AXIS-Series is a Glass-filled Nylon rocketed baseplate with an asymmetrical design for optimal energy transfer. Wider than the NX2 and Fuse for stability and easy access, but with off-axis PowerBeams and offset cable attachments for a direct balanced transfer of power.
  • Hibacks: Asym Uniback
    • The asymmetrical 1-piece UniBacks are lightweight Glass-filled Nylon high backs. They deliver a balance of support and comfort, and a perfect fit to follow the boot contour and canted riding angles. The all-new AXIS-Series Asym UniBack has a supportive spine with a more forgiving lateral flex, while the Fuse-Series Asym Uniback has a wider range of support for more drive.
  • PowerStrap: Fusion
    • Fusion one-piece PowerStraps are 3D-shaped for a great fit, and cover a larger area of your foot for more comfort and control.
  • Buckles: LSR
    • These innovative Longing Slap Ratchet (LSR) buckles give you the option to easily get in and out of your bindings any which way you like. Whether Set-it and Forget-it SpeedEntry, or side-entry like a traditional 2-strap, they lock down to secure your preferred footstrap tightness.
  • Comfort:  7/10
  • Response: 6/10
  • Toe-Heel Stiffness: 5/10
  • Lateral Stiffness: 5/10

Size Chart

M ]5.5 – 8.0[ ]7.0 - 9.5[ ]37.5 – 41.0[ ]4.5 – 7.0[ ]23.5 – 26.0[
L ]8.5 – 10.5[ ]10.0 – 12.0[ ]41.5 – 44.0[ ]7.5 – 9.5[ ]26.5 – 28.5[
XL ]11.0 – 14.0[ - ]44.5 – 48.5[ ]10.0 – 13.0 ]29.0 – 31.5[