eXit PRO 24 Point Premium Bike Tune-Up

eXit PRO 24 Point Premium Bike Tune-Up

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Our best and most comprehensive 24-point professional bike tune-up, we get down to the nitty gritty and bring your bicycle back to its glory years so you can be sure you can get the absolute most out of it whether you're on the road or the trail.


  • Tires: Inspect and inflate
  • Drivetrain tune
  • Brakes: Tune and adjust
  • General bike cleaning
  • Basic wheel true
  • Headset: Adjust and inspect
  • Lube drive train
  • Rotor and pad inspection
  • Tube replacement if needed
  • Bottom bracket
  • Free hub service
  • Cable and housing service
  • Parts removed and cleaned
  • Parts needed installed
  • Full deep clean
  • Tubeless refresh
  • Hydraulic brake flush and inspection
  • Drivetrain removal and deep clean
  • Pivot service and bearing replacement if needed
  • Full brake flush
  • Spoke and nipple replacement
  • Tubeless strip down and refresh if needed
  • Red Bull or Energy Drink FREE
  • any parts required extra