Element Super Natural Ethan Loy Pro Model Skateboard Deck 8.46 inches x 32.32 inches Bottom

Super Natural Ethan Loy Skateboard Deck


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Element Super Natural Ethan Loy Pro 8.46" x 32.32" Skateboard Deck

When nature calls, the Super Natural Ethan Skateboard Deck answers. An ELEMENT staple, this deck is designed with our standard featherlight formula and features an outdoor scene on the underside. Developed with Element's long term commitment to technical superiority, delivering a performance-focused ride.

Width: 8.46" x Length: 32.32" | Nose: 7.125" | Tail: 6.7" | Wheel Base: 14.4"
Features and Specifications
  • Skateboard Deck
  • 100% Maple Wood
  • Featherlight construction
  • Standard concave