Element Super Natural Appleyard Popsicle Skateboard Deck 8.25

Super Natural Appleyard Skateboard Deck


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Element Super Natural Mark Appleyard Pro 8.25" x 31.7" Skateboard Deck

Daisies dance with a wide-open third eye on the underside of the Super Natural Appleyard Skateboard Deck, an ELEMENT staple presented by team rider Mark Appleyard. Made with Element's standard 7-ply formula, designed with their long term commitment to technical superiority, this deck is high-grade and high-performance. Comes in one size.

Width: 8.25" x Length: 31.7" | Nose: 7" | Tail: 6.5" | Wheel Base: 14.0"
Features and Specifications
  • Skateboard Deck
  • Material: 100% Maple Wood