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Legend Complete Longboard

Legend Complete Longboard

Sector 9

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Sector 9 Legend Complete Longboard

The 9-Ball Crew is extremely cautious in using the word ‘Legend’, because we believe it gets thrown around way too much. However, we’re certainly comfortable using it within the Marley Series, because after all, Bob IS a LEGEND. Like his music, this board appeals to all ages and is perfect for getting around town. This fun outline features a kicktail for easier turns and added control as well as .25” recycled plastic risers, to help prevent wheel-bite.


Length: 28.5”
Width: 7.5”
Wheelbase: 14.0”

Trucks: 8.375” Gullwing Mission
Wheels: 61MM 78A Nine Balls
Bearings: ABEC 5 Greaseball
Risers: .25” Recycled Plastic
Hardware: 1.25” Hardened Steel Bolts
Grip Tape: Clear with Sector 9 X Bob Marley logo

3 Ply Bamboo
2 Ply Maple
Hybrid Construction
Double Kick