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Swiss BikeBoard and Trikke Skki End of Season Fun

Last Day of 2019 Ski Season at Nordic Valley Ski Resort in Eden, UT

March 30, 2019 marked the last day of the winter ski season for Nordic Valley Ski Resort.  As part of the last day festivities we brought up some Swiss BikeBoard and Trikke Skki freeride snow systems.  It was nice and warm, spring t-shirt ski weather to be exact.  It was awesome being able to get out in the sun and enjoy some time away from the madness at the stores and enjoy some fun on the slopes.

We met up with Gary Barsdorf, the man, the myth and the legend behind G4G Adventure Sports and Gear and spearheader of the Swiss BikeBoard here in the United States.  The snow was pretty slushy down at the base of the mountain pretty early on, but the snow on the slopes was excellent throughout most of the day up until closing time.

There was some good "POW" shredding on the BikeBoards and some speed being produced by the Trikke Skkis with lots of heads turning around the resort.  Both these machines are very easy to learn to ride and very safe for all ages.  While we only had the adults up there on this particular afternoon, we have some junior models available as well.

Swiss BikeBoard Jr

We have a few models available for purchase.  We've got the adult model on closeout for $499 which includes a $109 backpack.  The adult BikeBoard can be broken down and fit inside the backpack for easy storage, transportation, and backcountry fun!!  We have the Jr BikeBoard available for $299 as well, with limited numbers remaining for both models.  The Jr model does not include a backpack.  Come check us out at Exit Outdoors for these as well as take advantage of our MASSIVE winter sales going on now!

Until next time remember to take the eXit and get outdoors!

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