New Holladay Store Now Open

New Holladay Store Now Open

Holladay Store Now Open!

It's an exciting time for us at Exit Outdoors. We opened our Avenues store in March of 2018 and spent the next three years growing our brand. We picked up several of the biggest brands in the skate, snow, bike and outdoor industries. It helped propel us to where we are today. With the growth of our brands it made the Salt Lake City store smaller by the week.

We had been working on getting this new Holladay location for a while. In all reality the timing could not have worked out better for us. Due to several unfortunate events at the Avenues location and with the expiration of our lease, it allowed us to transition rather seamlessly to the new shop. It's nearly 4 times the size, which has enabled us the ability to really spread out and bring in even more. 

For the last 9 months that we've been at the new Holladay store we have seen consistent growth and are excited for what the future holds as we continue to bring in the top brands in all of these industries.

Covid Impacts

Covid has certainly had an impact on the running of our business. It has affected our ability to get many items in for many outdoor categories, including bikes (this year we only received 6 of our 250 bikes on order!!), skateboards and longboards, camping gear, ski and snowboarding gear, and more! It's been tough trying to navigate around all of this to ensure we are still offering a good selection to our customers.

As things begin to steady and somewhat normalize on the supply side of things, we are unfortunately seeing rising costs in all industries. We pride ourselves on our incredible pricing and have strived to do everything in our power to ensure that we still have incredible deals throughout the store.

Come See Us

The Holladay store, as well as the Draper store, are open Monday through Saturday 10am - 8pm. The new Holladay store is located at:

Exit Outdoors Holladay
4850 S Highland Dr
Holladay, UT 84117

We've got several deals going on now, including trail shoes and running and tennis shoes for only $15! We've sold over 300 pair of these shoes since Thanksgiving and the momentum continues to be strong. We've got the entire rest of the store on sale as well. Make sure you stop in for your holiday shopping where you'll get the best deals in town!

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